Correción de pezones invertidos

Anesthesia Local
Duration 30 minutes
Hospitalization Ambulatory
Postoperative needs Large sports bra
Results Immediately visible. Settlement 6 months
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Pezones invertidos

Correción de pezones invertidos

Usually affects women

Inverted nipples consist of a retraction of the nipples under normal breast conditions. It usually affects women.

Hidden or inverted nipples can be both a confidence problem for women and an aesthetic problem. It is convenient to differentiate in the case of inverted nipples a possible tumor pathology.


Mejoría del aspecto de las mamas

The externalization of buried or inverted nipples improves the appearance of the breasts, making them more proportionate.

The best candidates are women who are mature enough to understand the procedure and have realistic expectations about the outcome.
The treatment of inverted nipples is surgical.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and consists of a small crescent-shaped scar just at the base of the nipple. Through this procedure, the lactiferous ducts that carry milk from the mammary gland to the outside are selected and an internal fixation suture is performed.

After the operation to correct inverted nipples, the ability to breastfeed is impaired.

  • Mediante la intervención de corrección de los pezones invertidos se obtiene la eversión del pezón hundido.
  • Anestesia: esto se realiza mediante una pequeña intervención bajo anestesia local
  • Duración: 30’
  • Hospitalización: no requiere hospitalización
  • Recuperación: puede realizar su actividad normal tras el procedimiento.
  • Se recomienda llevar un sujetador no excesivamente comprensivo
  • Los puntos se retiran a los 10 días.

Our interventions for correction or eversion of inverted nipplesincorporate a treatment for scars using PRP growth factors.

We also offer the possibility of applying a laser treatment on the scars of the operation of correction or eversion of inverted nipples a week and a month after the intervention.

The combination of these two treatments improves the quality and healing time of scars.

Realizamos esta intervención en Palma de Mallorca.

El precio de la intervención se entrega una vez realizada la consulta con el Dr. García Ceballos.

Durante la consulta podrás ver fotos del antes y después de casos similares al tuyo.

Si viajas o nos consultas desde cualquier punto de España, Reino Unido o Europa puedes solicitar tu consulta telemática vía Skype.

Es conveniente ponerse en manos de especialista en cirugía plástica reparadora y estética para la realización de este tipo de intervención.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before an intervention for inverted nipples, it is important to know what the cause of the nipples is. Once the diagnosis has been made, the intervention will depend on the cause of the problem. If the alteration of the nipples is due to a tumor alteration, the underlying cause must be treated.

Inverted nipples is a fairly common condition among women. Functionally, it may have some impact on breastfeeding since the baby is unable to suckle.

If you have a newly developed inverted nipple, it is very important that you contact a physician. In the latter case, you should be explored and diagnosed with relative urgency since it could be a malignant involvement of the breast.

The price of an inverted nipple surgery can range from 1000€ to 3000€.

The best qualified specialist for the correction of inverted nipples is the Plastic Surgeon.

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