Correction of dark circles under the eyes

Anesthesia Local
Duration 1 hour
Hospitalization Ambulatory
Postoperative needs Sunglasses
Results Immediately visible. Settlement 1 year.
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Corrección de ojeras Corrección de ojeras
Correction of dark circles under the eyes

We understand dark circles under the eyes(idiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital ring) as the dark appearance around the eyes.

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes can be due to various reasons of different nature, such as:

  • Increased pigmentation of the skin in the orbicular area
  • Razones étnicas
  • Excessive thinning of the dermis
  • Inflammatory reactions of dermatitis type
  • Allergic(Dennie Morgan’s scratchsign ) or contact reactions that increase superificial vascularization or congestion
  • Dermatological processes that cause alteration in the basal layer of the epidermis (thickening) (lichen planus, lupus erythematosus), or iatrogenic caused by hyaluronic acid injection(Tyndall effect).

The presence of a darker coloration in the eye area may or may not be associated with other phenomena such as the eye bagswhich is corrected by the lower eyelid surgery or lower blepharoplasty or the excess skin on the eyelids both upper and lower.

Correction of dark circles under the eyes

There are different ways of dealing with dark circles under the eyes, depending on their cause.

Dark circles under the eyes that have irritative causes or are related to systemic or dermatological pathologies should be evaluated by the specialists for each disease and the underlying disease should be taken into account. From there, treatment of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes can be assessed.

In terms of appearance, dark circles under the eyes can be easily treated by applying makeup. In this way the color is homogenized and the problem is momentarily solved. If the affected person is comfortable with this solution, it is not necessary to think about any type of treatment.

For those patients who want definitive solutions for dark circles under the eyes that do not require incisions in the area to be treated:

  • Intradermal injection of emulsified fat or nano fat.
  • Single or hybrid laser (applying different wave frequencies) or a combination of both.

Although the application of hyaluronic acid is described, we advise against this type of treatment.

Inyección intradérmica de grasa emulsificada o nanofat

It consists of extracting a small amount of fat from some area of the body by liposuction, processing the fat into an emulsion and re-injecting this texture into the skin of the eyelids.

We also know that if we add growth factors, particularly LPRF, to the grafted fat, the viability of this fat increases.

Es precisamente la permanencia de la grasa inyectada uno de los inconvenientes con los que debemos contar antes de someternos a este procedimiento puesto que parte de la grasa puede desaparecer durante el postoperatorio.

In any case, the regenerative capacities of both the fat and the growth factors incorporated mean that we benefit from both the volume provided to the grafted area and the quality of the skin.

Some bruises may appear both in the area where the fat is obtained and in the area where it is applied, although they are scarce and vary from person to person.

Expect some change in the coloration of the applied area for several weeks and some swelling. With the passage of time this edema settles.

The definitive result can be seen 2 months after the procedure. If the patient desires more facial volume after 3 months and there are sufficient fat deposits in the patient’s body, the procedure can be performed again to increase it.


If the skin coloration is due to the accumulation of melanin in the skin and/or there is thickening of the skin, lasers can be an alternative treatment, either in a single frequency or by combining frequencies. In addition, these treatments can be complemented with the injection of nanofat.

The laser produces a disintegration of the melanin responsible for the dark color so that the body itself is responsible for eliminating it. In addition, laser light has a regenerative effect on the affected skin. En aquellos casos en los que la piel está engrosada, se aplica un láser que produce un refinamiento de las capas de piel excesivas.

These treatments can be combined with L-PRF in order to enhance the laser action.

La combinación de estos dos tratamientos mejoran la calidad y el tiempo de corrección de las ojeras.

Los tratamientos se realizan de forma local y ambulatoria.

El precio de cada tratamiento se entrega una vez realizada la consulta con el Dr. García Ceballos y depende de las características y necesidades específicas de cada paciente.

Durante la consulta podrás ver fotos del antes y después de casos similares al tuyo.

Si viajas o nos consultas desde cualquier punto de España, Reino Unido o Europa puedes solicitar tu consulta telemática vía Skype.

Es conveniente ponerse en manos de especialista en cirugía plástica reparadora y estética para la realización de este tipo de tratamiento.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dark circles under the eyes can be corrected by the use of lasers, hyaluronic acid, nanofat, either individually or in combination with each other, or with surgical procedures such as lower blepharoplasty.

Depending on the cause of the dark circles, the most effective treatment may be the injection of nanogreas, laser or hyaluronic acid, and most commonly a combination of treatments.

The results of the filling of dark circles under the eyes can be seen immediately, although it may take a few weeks for them to settle.

The price of dark circles under the eyes will depend on the procedure(s) indicated.

The duration of hyaluronic acid in dark circles is approximately 5 months although it can be extended more depending on each individual.

The duration of treatment with nanofat on dark circles under the eyes is permanent, although it is possible that the settling period usually after one year may need to be repeated until the desired level is reached permanently.

Hyaluronic acid treatment of dark circles under the eyes corrects some types of under-eye color as well as the marked infraorbital furrow. Eye bags, if not too pronounced, can be attenuated by the use of hyaluronic acid.

The plastic surgeon is a specialist in the treatment of the periocular region.

The results of hyaluronic acid on dark circles can be seen immediately.

The laser is effective for dark circles under the eyes where the pigment component is predominant.