Dr. García Ceballos


Dr. García Ceballos

Dr. García Ceballos has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country. He trained as a plastic surgeon between the United Kingdom (Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital NHS trust) in London and Belgium (University Hospital of the Free University of Brussels, Flemish UZ VUB and Francophone ULB) in Brussels.

After obtaining the official title of specialist, he obtained the Fellowship of the Belgian College of Plastic Surgeons by competitive examination.

After 15 years of international experience in plastic surgery he moves his practice to Palma de Mallorca.

His areas of interest are the Breast surgery (B.A.G.S. System), breast augmentation and lifting with polyurethane prosthesis. Facial surgery is another area of interest, and within this field, the Rhinoplasty (both primary and secondary) occupies an important space within your routine practice along with the Facelift with grafting of microparticles of fat and fatty tissue neck surgery, neck surgery eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and otoplasty (ear surgery).

In addition to these “special” procedures previously mentioned, Dr. Garcia dedicates an important part of his activity to body contouring surgery such as abdominoplasty, liposuction surgery, buttock, thigh and arm lifts.

  • To provide technical excellence in surgery making your experience a pleasant one.
  • Clarity in communication.
  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Convey confidence by accompanying the patient at all times.
  • To reach a duly informed consent for each intervention.
  • Mutual respect and courtesy.
  • Fully understand all the needs of each patient.
  • Provide solutions to the problems that arise.
  • To provide a modern practice based on updated knowledge.
  • To consistently and reliably provide excellence in surgical care.
  • Make a lifelong commitment to self-assessment, review and advancement.
  • Teaching, training and transmitting knowledge.
Dr. García Ceballos

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Dr. García Ceballos
Innovation and patents

Dr. García Ceballos created the MMG center for aesthetic plastic surgery and has developed several patented utility models of devices for the extraction and processing of human fat for fat grafting.

It also has several designs with 3D instrumentation technology. He has developed new techniques such as the “Duvet rhinoplasty”, the posterior access neck lift technique as well as the BAGS technique for breast lift. Dr. García Ceballos has carried out humanitarian work in Africa in collaboration with USP Hospitals and the Lladró Foundation for operation Smile and is a sponsor of the NGO “Mediterránea”.

Dr. García Ceballos
Partner Centers
  • Mallorca Medical Group is a center associated to Hospital Quirón Palmaplanas where surgical procedures are performed under optimal conditions.
  • The clinics are ISO 9001:2000 certified and have been awarded the Certification of Excellence in Health Care.
  • Hospital Quirón Palmaplanas is a modern clinic with all medical specialties and facilities including Intensive Care Unit.
  • They are equipped with the technology and human resources to perform procedures under local, regional or general anesthesia according to your requirements.
  • You may choose to stay in the clinic as many days as you wish as long as you let us know in advance. The number of nights included in the price is shown on the estimate of your intervention. Usually the rooms have an extra bed for your companion in case you need it.
  • Nursing service available 24 hours a day during your stay.