Facial peeling

Anesthesia Cold air and/or Cream
Duration Depends on the area, from 15 to 30 min
Repetition Annual
Recovery 1 to 5 days
Combinable with Other aesthetic treatments
Postop. needs XTRM-HA 90%/12h or Dr García Ceballos magisterial formula
Results Immediate
More information
Facial peeling

Facial peeling is a procedure by which the superficial layers, irregularities and spots on the skin are removed.

It is indicated throughout the year, although it becomes more necessary at the end of the summer season. The sun and the beach cause a deterioration in the quality of the skin.



There are different methods to “clean” the skin. We can do some of them daily by using cosmetics that favor cell renewal in a gentle way, although these have a moderate effect and are preventive in nature. For those cases in which the skin has suffered over time and shows wrinkles, blemishes or even some type of injury or laxity, in our center we carry out medical peelings that we will explain below:

  • It is advisable to apply a sun protection factor, avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least a month, although with some of the lasers you can return to normal life practically the day after the laser treatment.
  • We have different ways of performing facial peeling in our center: laser peeling and chemical peeling or TCA.

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1. Láser

We have a battery of 5 different types of state-of-the-art medical laser light. The different skin lesions to be treated such as spots, wrinkles or laxity are found at different levels of the skin, which is why we use different lasers in the same session that allow us to reach each and every one of the layers of the skin.. This provides full thickness skin treatment. This is what we call treatments hybrid lasers.

All areas of the body covered by skin can be treated by laser. The areas most commonly treated by laser are the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Advantages of laser facial peeling:

The laser offers two types of effect:

  1. Immediate effect: in which the improvement of the skin is seen
  2. Medium and long-term effect: in which the laser is capable of stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, so that in the months following the treatment there is an improvement in the texture, elasticity and vitality of the skin.

Personalized treatment for each patient:

We adapt the desquamation effect produced by the laser to the needs of each patient, in such a way that we can offer a recovery time of just one day for those patients who need a faster recovery.

During your consultation with Dr. García Ceballos, you will be able to explain what concerns you in order to adapt the treatment to your particular case. In addition, certain medications will be prescribed to prepare your skin before the laser.

2. Chemical peel / TCA peel

We use trichloroacetic acid (TCA peel) to improve and smooth the texture of facial skin by removing the outer layers damaged by the sun and external agents.

  • It is useful for those individuals with facial blemishes and wrinkles.
  • It is a good procedure to improve the skin, although it is not capable of treating all the layers of the skin as the laser, and therefore it is less effective for lesions that are in the deeper layers of the skin.

TCA chemical peeling is most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons to improve your appearance. Chemical peels can also fade precancerous skin lesions, soften acne scars, and even control acne itself.

Fine surface wrinkles, superficialblemishes and pigmentation problems can be treated with TCA. The recovery of the TCA peeling can be modulated according to the applied concentration. For this, Dr García Ceballos offers different levels of treatment through TCA peeling.

Chemical peeling is normally a safe procedure, when performed by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Once your skin has recovered from the peeling effect, it will be able to produce pigment as usual.

We advise you to avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least one month after treatment, and always apply a protection factor of 50 SPF.

  • Treatments are performed locally and on an outpatient basis.
  • The price of each treatment is delivered once the consultation with Dr. García Ceballos and depends on the specific characteristics and needs of each patient.
  • During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.
  • If you travel or consult us from anywhere in Spain, the United Kingdom or Europe, you can request your telematic consultation via Skype.
  • It is advisable to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery to carry out this type of treatment.

Treatments are performed locally and on an outpatient basis.

The price of each treatment is given after the consultation with Dr. García Ceballos and depends on the characteristics and specific needs of each patient.

During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

If you are travelling or consulting us from anywhere in Spain, the UK or Europe you can request your consultation online via Skype.

It is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery for this type of treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

Facial peeling consists of applying either a chemical substance or an energy on the skin and causing it to peel in order to eliminate wrinkles and unwanted spots.

There are several types of facial peeling: chemical peeling, laser and mechanical dermabrasion.

The more affected the skin, the greater the intensity of the peel should be to produce greater correction. The best way to find out which type of peel is most effective for your skin is to go to your plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

The best peeling is the one that best suits the problem you want to solve. It can be a traditional chemical peel or a laser peel.

The recovery time you need after a peel will depend on its intensity, for moderate intensity peels 3 to 5 days may be required and for more intense peels 10 days may be necessary.

If you are pregnant, it is not recommended that you perform any type of peeling. During pregnancy, pigmentary changes can occur in the skin that you can correct once you have finished your gestation period.

The price of a facial peeling can cost between €250 and €2,000 depending on the type of peeling and the center where you perform it.

The best time of the year to have a facial peeling is when the sun does not shine too intensely. In Mallorca you can have a facial peeling from the month of October to the month of April. If you are a person who is regularly exposed to the sun, you should take this into account to protect yourself during the recovery period after the peel.