Anesthesia Local / Anesthetic cream
Duration 30 min.
Hospitalization Outpatient
Postoperative needs Avoid intense sun exposure. 50SPF
Results Cumulative
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The interpretation of the wound is different from the usual, so far as we tend to debride, and preserve tissues, without performing excessively aggressive debridement or amputations. We try to preserve as much tissue as possible.

The quality of wound healing through the application of autologous plasma processedIn this way, a higher quality of tissue is produced, which without treatment and recurrences of wounds tend to be lower.

Studies have been published in which tumor recurrences in regions of the central nervous system have been treated in this way, they are significantly lower.

Consists of the extraction of certain blood samples and their processing together with the treatment of the wound.

During treatment, photographs are taken and measurements are made to objectively observe the progress of wound closure.

The usual thing is to observe a reactivation of the wound within a period of 10 days after carrying out the first treatment

Sessions: thenumber of sessions varies a lot depending on the type of injury and your state of health.

We have as a rule to make an assessment at the end of the first four sessions. If no improvement in the wound is observed at this time, we would rethink the treatment.

The most frequent wounds we encounter and treat are:

  • Chronic wounds
  • Burns
  • Diabetic foot
  • Venous ulcers
  • Fistulas
  • Wounds with an osteomyelitic component
  • Recent surgical
  • Wounds, Surgical wounds with compromised closure

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Frequently asked questions

Any patient who needs to heal a wound or perform an improvement treatment for scars and / or wound sequelae.

Plasma application consists of extracting and processing the patient’s blood, without additives or chemical products, and injecting growth factors into the wound to accelerate its healing.

In our center we do not perform stem cell healing.

Wounds, scars, recent surgical incisions, cuts, burns, venous, arterial or mixed ulcers, diabetic foot, pressure ulcer, abrasions, acne sequelae, chickenpox, keloids and hypertrophic scars, post-surgery sequelae, surgical wounds during the surgical act.

It is possible to accelerate the healing of wounds with the injection of plasma, PRP, and the application of laser on the scars. It is important to attend in the period of 15 days after the intervention.

Yes, we have technology that allows us to improve the appearance of scars and sequelae of diseases such as acne, chickenpox, stretch marks, vaccines or injections, skin grafts, hypertrophic scars and keloids.

The number of sessions varies greatly depending on the type of injury and your health status.

The price of a treatment using plasma and scars can vary depending on the size of the wound, prices range between €300-€2,000