Thigh Lifting

Anesthesia General
Duration 2 - 3 hrs.
Hospitalization 2 nights
Postoperative needs Compressive garment
Results Immediately noticeable. Settles within 1 year.
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Thigh Lifting

The thigh lift is an intervention indicated to correct excess skin and fat on the thighs.

Surgery candidates:

  • From the aesthetic point of view: patients who present sagging on the inner side of the thighs as well as in the region above the knee, which can cause discomfort to the person both aesthetically and functionally.
  • From the functional point of view: patients who present infections in the inguinal folds, as well as chafing and difficulty when walking and even during sexual intercourse.

The ideal candidate for a thigh lift is someone who suffers from both functional and aesthetic problems due to excess skin and volume on the inner side of the thighs accompanied by sagging of the skin.

The thigh lift intervention consists of making certain incisions in the English and the inner face of the thigh to remove excess skin and fat that is causing the patient’s discomfort.

  • Anesthesia: general anesthesia is required for this procedure.
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Hospitalization: a stay in the clinic for one night after the intervention.
  • The postoperative period of a thigh lift consists of wearing bandages or compressive girdles for a month
  • The stitches are usually removed after 15 days.
  • During the first month it is advisable to be careful when walking, since the movement of the legs when walking can cause unnecessary tension in the wounds.
  • When going to the bathroom, it is recommended, particularly for women, the use of a female bedpan and washing after going to the bathroom, in order to minimize the risk of wound infection.
  • Sexual intercourse for a month should avoid the genital region as much as possible.

Our thigh lifting surgery incorporates treatment for scars during the intervention using growth factors.
We also offer the possibility of applying a laser treatment to the scars one week and one month after the intervention.

The combination of these two treatments improves the quality and healing time of scars.

We carry out this intervention in Palma de Mallorca.

The price of the intervention is delivered after consulting with Dr. García Ceballos.

During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

If you travel or consult us from anywhere in Spain, UK or Europe you can request your telematic consultation via Skype.

It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in Plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to carry out this type of intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

The price of a thigh lift ranges between €6,000 and €9,000

After the thigh lift operation, smooth thighs are obtained.

To know if you are a candidate for a leg lift or thigh lift operation, you must have excess skin and/or fat on the inside of the thighs.

The thigh lift is uncomfortable during the first days. To avoid these discomforts, you should take analgesia and adopt proper posture and habits during the recovery phase.

Thigh lift scars extend into the groin and inner thigh. As the weeks go by, these scars become less obvious and after a few months they can go quite unnoticed.

Dr. García Ceballos is a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. It has its center in Palma de Mallorca. You can check their credentials at the SECPRE (Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery). It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery to carry out this type of intervention.

After performing a thigh lift operation, you should walk carefully and not walk long distances. Walking can produce a shearing movement in wounds which can increase tension in them and thus delay healing.

To play sports after a thigh lift intervention, you must wait at least a month if you can do some upper body exercise for 15 days.

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