Breast uplift / Mastopexy

Anesthesia General
Duration 2 - 3 hrs.
Hospital stay 1 night
Postoperative needs Postoperative bra
Results Immediately noticeable. Settles within 1 year.
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Breast uplift / Mastopexy

There are several methods for carrying out a breast uplift:
Depending on the required volume, the mastopexy can be performed with or without implants:

Mastopexy with implants

Mastopexy or breast uplift with implants is performed by adding volume to the breast well because that of the sagging breast lacks it well because even having enough volume the woman wants more.

The incisions to be made depend on several factors that are explained below in the techniques section.


Mastopexy without implants

Mastopexy without implants is performed when the volume of the breast is sufficient or when the woman wants higher and smaller breasts.we can perform two types of lifting without implants:

a-Mastopexy with auto-implants
This type of mastopexy is done when the woman does not want to reduce her volume but to maintain it and enhance the breast using the maximum volume available from her own breast. In this procedure we use the excess breast from the lower pole of the sagging breast to, by changing its position, place it on the upper pole, ensuring a more pronounced cleavage.

b-Mastopexy and breast reduction
Mastopexy with breast reduction is performed when the woman wishes for a smaller but higher breast. In this case, we plan the final volume desired by the patient and remove that portion of skin and breast tissue necessary to obtain the requested breast size.


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Mastopexy techniques

Both in mastopexies with or without prostheses we can perform them following different types of incisions pattern:

Vertical scar breast uplift technique

Performed when neither the mammary gland in the lower part of the breast nor the fall is excessive. In this case, the scars are made around the areola and following the vertical on the lower pole of the mother.

Inverted T scar breast uplift technique

This is done when both the lower pole of the mammary gland and the fall are considerable. In this case the scars will be performed following the vertical of the lower pole of the breast adding another in the inframammary fold (under the breast).

In either of these techniques you can add breast implants that will help to fill the volume of the breast, either when it is scarce or when greater visibility of the cleavage is desired.

B.A.G.S. System. Especial technique by Dr. García Ceballos. Breast uplift technique withput inverted “T” scar

It consists of the elevation of the breast from within it, rebuilding the suspension system deteriorated by the passage of time, weight changes or pregnancy, remodeling the interior of the mammary gland.

Involves breast uplift by creating an “internal bra” system that produces a lifting effect. Volume can be added according to each case by means of a implants preferably with polyurethane coverage in both teardrop and round without the volume limitations offered by conventional mastopexy, that is, in this case, small, moderate and large volume increases can be made while in traditional mastopexy the volumes that can be obtained are small (with less risk of problems in the incisions), moderate and large (with a high risk of scar deformity)

Who is a good candidate for this technique?

To evaluate if you are a candidate for this technique, you should perform a simple test: raise your arms in front of a mirror and see if you can see the fold under her breast.

  • If the answer is yes then it is very possible that you can apply this system and you can avoid visible cytices around the areola, vertical on the breast or inverted T and increase the volume of your breast almost as much as you want.
  • Our breast uplift surgery incorporates treatment for scars during the intervention using growth factors.

We also offer the possibility of applying a laser treatment to the scars of the breast uplift or mastopexy one week and one month after the intervention.

The combination of these two treatments improves the quality and healing time of scars.

We carry out this intervention in Palma de Mallorca.

The price of the intervention is delivered after consulting with Dr. García Ceballos.

During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

If you travel or consult us from anywhere in Spain, UK or Europe you can request your telematic consultation via Skype.

It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in Plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to carry out this type of intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

The price of the breast augmentation procedure depends on several factors, including the type of implant, the technique used, the clinic where the surgery takes place and the category of the surgeon. The prices for this intervention range between € 3,000 and € 10,000.

Do you wonder if the scars after a mastopexy are visible? The incisions after a mastopexy undergo an evolution in which the scars are noticeable just after the operation.They appear covered with a scab. This is disappearing as the days go by and gives way to red scars. During a third phase and after a few weeks, the scars begin their maturation period and after a few months they become similar to the skin. After a year the scars of a mastopexy can go virtually unnoticed.

Yes. Mastopexy can be done with breast augmentation. Some women experience sagging and empty breasts either prematurely or as a result of weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. In these cases, a breast uplift can be performed with your own breast tissue or, if insufficient, by placing breast implants.

Se pueden someter a una mastopexia todas aquellas mujeres en un estado de salud adecuado que presenten las mamas caídas. La mastopexia suele ser realizada con más frecuencia en aquellas pacientes que han estado embarazadas o han experimentado pérdidas de peso considerable así como aquellas en las que debido al paso del tiempo se ha producido un descolgamiento de las mamas.

Mastopexy can be performed once women have reached full development of their breast.

Recovery from a mastopexy can range from a week to lead a normal life, avoiding pressure on the chest and avoinding making efforts, to a month when sports activity can begin.

The sensitivity of the areolas after a mastopexy may or may not be altered. This can apply to one or both breasts.

The stitches of a mastopexy do not need to be removed in our practice, although there are plastic surgeons who suture the breast incisions with suture material that needs to be removed. In these cases, they are usually kept between 10 and 15 days.

The scar of a mastopexy can have different shapes depending on the degree of sagging of the breast, the type of skin that the patient presents as well as the habits of the responsible plastic surgeon. The scar from a mastopexy can be inverted T (anchor), vertical (lollipop) or circumperiareolar (around the areola) or hemi periareolar (crescent) shape.

A breast uplift without implants is a technique in which the patient’s breast tissue is lifted relying on the patient’s own tissue ,provide volume to the breast. In these cases, the final volume is limited to the volume of the pre-existing breast. The mastopexy without implants is perfectly valid if the woman is happy with the volume that she already has.

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