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MallorcaMedicalGroup shares the testimonials offered by our patients. If you are one of our patients and wish to express your testimony, you can do so through our contact page.

Cristina R

After searching and looking at several places where I could get the rhinoplasty I wanted so much, this was, without a doubt, the one that convinced me the most.

The treatment they offered me from the first visit was excellent, it could not have been better, they also explain everything in detail and advise you on what and how to do it, always within your preferences. It’s been a month since I had the operation and you can hardly notice it, the doctor does a wonderful job. I had practically no bruises and the swelling was minimal. I didn’t have any pain although it is a bit annoying, but it is perfectly bearable.

My result was very similar to the simulation that the doctor did, I am delighted with my result. It is really worth it. I would recommend Dr. Garcia Ceballos to anyone who would like to have a rhinoplasty, I give him a 10.

Carmen Trilla

I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Dr. García Ceballos to perform my rhinoplasty.

Excellent professional and unbeatable treatment.
The result is just what I wanted!

Thanks to the doctor and all his team, especially Irene.

C. R.

I am very happy as I can finally breathe properly, my functional part has been improving day by day and my aesthetic part has improved as my features look sweeter.

All these are positive changes.
Thank you very much doctor and the whole team!

Cris Rave

I am very happy with the doctor and his team. I can finally breathe as the functional part has improved day by day and the aesthetic part I have noticed a very natural change.

During the operation I want to say that I felt very supported by the whole team, as I am very nervous and everything went very smoothly, including the post-operative period.

It has gone super fast and I can’t wait to see the final results. Thank you very much ????

J. C.


The service provided is undoubtedly excellent,
goes far beyond expectations.


I wanted to have a rhinoplasty some time ago and I decided to have it done and the truth is that I am delighted, both with the doctor and with the whole team.

María Nicolau

I had a rhinoplasty and upper blepharoplasty a month ago and I am very happy with the result. The doctor is a very friendly person and an excellent professional. Thank you doctor!

I also wanted to thank Irene, who is the girl who is at the reception and who treated me, for being so attentive and kind.

I recommend it 100%.


Without a doubt the best surgeon I would repeat a thousand times with Dr. Ignacio and his team.

Victor Sanchez

I have nothing but words of thanks to Dr. Gª Ceballos, Irene and her team. He has modelled a beautiful nose according to my face. It is only 9 days since the operation and the result is spectacular, although logically it is a little swollen and the tip still has to descend. In the first consultation he already gained my trust by explaining me the details of the operation, examining my nose and its characteristics.

You can see that he is passionate about his work. The treatment was excellent. Then everything went as he said it would and as it says in the documents they send you. The postoperative period does not hurt, you do have some discomfort because it is as if you had a very bad cold, but in 2 days it relaxes. I wasn’t very bruised, one upper eyelid and the cheeks swelled up but after 4-5 days it started to deflate. And after 9 days, new life!!!…100% recommendable. Eternally grateful.

K. F.

I recommend this clinic, an unbeatable treatment, very attentive and professional.
For me the best surgeon without a doubt.
I recommend it 100%.

Daniela Stranska

My experience with Dr. Garcia is incredible. I have been with him for almost 8 years, two surgeries and a few repairs. I always recommend only him to my friends and they are also more than satisfied. As a doctor and all his team (Irene) are very kind, attentive and affectionate in the postoperative period. The truth is that after each operation, without any problems, pain and quick recovery. The results are more than very good, natural and just as you wished, maybe better. Doctor puts his heart and soul into all his work, you can see in his results that he loves his work and does it to perfection.

I am very happy, I found a Doctor who for him is fundamental to his work, wellbeing of the person, human and with wonderful humour.????I wouldn’t change him for anyone, also Irene who manages everything, she is very affectionate, professional and always attentive to everything.
If you want good results and feel safe in all aspects, do not hesitate to go to Dr. Garcia Ceballos, I guarantee you, you will never want to leave, I have 100% confidence in him and I think that is the key when deciding to make an improvement in your body.
Thank you very much for everything.

V. R.

I had a breast augmentation and had no pain at all.
Now it’s been two years and I have completely natural breasts.
Thank you for your professionalism.

N. L.

I have only good words to describe my experience with Dr. G. Ceballos.
A few days ago I had a rhinoplasty and I couldn’t be happier.

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