Anesthesia Local / General
Duration 1 hr.
Hospitalization Outpatient
Postoperative needs Chin bandage and local cold
Results Immediately visible. Settlement 6 months.
More information
Mentoplastia Mentoplastia


Mentoplasty consists of modifying the shape of the chin. It can be reduced or increased.


Reduction mentoplasty · Ultrasonic mentoplasty

Reduction mentoplasty consists of reducing the size of the chin.

Surgery candidates

Those patients who, being in good health conditions, present an excess projection of the chin and are affected by it. It is like combining this procedure with rhinoplasty in order to perform a more complete profileoplasty.

Reduction mentoplasty is performed through an incision, either inside the oral mucosa, or below the chin, through which the chin bone is accessed.

  • Ultrasonic mentoplasty: reduction is performed using an ultrasonic device that allows bone remodeling to the desired size.
  • Anesthesia: the procedure is performed under general anesthesia
  • Duration: the procedure can last 30 minutes.

After the intervention, a few points are applied and a taping is applied on them to help understand the edema.
It is usually a painless procedure, although it can cause some irritation, which is calmed with common analgesics.

Mentoplastyare immediate, although the swelling will prevent the definitive result from being perceived for a few weeks.
The result is final.


Augmentation mentoplasty · Chin Augmentation

A well-defined jawline structure is the cornerstone of an attractively balanced face, masculine or feminine.

This chin augmentation surgery, also called genioplasty, improves the contours of the chin, neck, and jaw.

The surgery typically involves the placement of an implant over the patient’s existing chin bone to increase the size and shape of the chin and achieve a more attractive balance of facial features.

Chin enhancement can provide a permanent solution to improve a weak or receding chin, improving facial harmony.

If you are bothered by a receding or “weak” chin, or if you feel that your facial features lack proportion, chin implant surgery can help you feel more confident about your appearance.

Specifically, chin augmentation can:

  • Improve facial harmony between the chin and the rest of the face
  • Correct a weak or receding chin
  • Improve definition of the neck and jawline.
  • Helps reduce the “double chin” appearance caused by a small chin bone.

Chin implant surgery is usually an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.

A small incision is made under the chin. Through this incision, Dr. García Ceballos creates a space for the chin implant and places it on the chin bone.

Chin implant surgery alone usually takes less than 1 hour to perform; however, if additional procedures are performed, the operating time may be extended. After surgery, the incision is closed with sutures and a pressure dressing is applied to the chin.

Most chin augmentation patients require relatively little downtime and can return to work, if sedentary, and most other daily activities within 7 days after surgery.

Discomfort is usually minimal and is easily controlled with analgesics and local cold.

You will need to sleep on your back, with your head elevated, for a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks after surgery to help control post-operative swelling and protect your healing incisions.

The diet can be normal avoiding excessive mouth movements.

Physical activity can usually be resumed within 3 to 4 weeks after chin augmentation.

It is important to follow Dr Garcia Ceballos’ specific instructions during recovery to ensure that you recover well and your results look great as soon as possible.

The results appear almost definitive within a month after surgery, and are considered definitive after approximately 6 months, when the residual swelling has disappeared.

Chin implants are very strong and durable medical devices. Although the aging process will affect your facial appearance, the contour of your chin does not vary in the same proportion.

There is a slight risk that trauma to the face could damage a chin implant and require another surgery to replace it.

Chin implants

Implants are small, solid devices made of a biocompatible material, usually silicone, that has been molded to fit the anatomy of the chin.

Chin implants vary in size and contour; During your consultation, Dr. García Ceballos will explain the different options.

When inserted, chin implants feel very similar to a natural chin bone.


When performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, chin augmentation is associated with very few complications.

Possible risks include infection, hematoma (internal bleeding), change in implant position, poor healing, and anesthesia side effects.

Remember that choosing a qualified plastic surgeon reduces risks.

Chin Augmentation Surgery Combinations

While many patients choose to have chin implant surgery alone, just as often chin augmentation can be combined with other procedures for better results.

  1. Rhinoplasty + Chin Augmentation Chin
    implants can dramatically improve the results of rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation with nose reshaping surgery is one of the most common facial contouring procedure combinations.
  2. Double chin liposuction + chin implants
    Patients with double chins often choose to have neck liposuction at the same time as their chin implant surgery. While strengthening the chin will help improve jawline definition on its own, removing excess fat under the chin can further improve the appearance of the lower face and neck.

Our chin augmentation procedures incorporate a treatment for the scars using PRP, growth factors.
We also offer the possibility of applying a laser treatment to the operation scars a week and a month after the intervention.

The combination of these two treatments improve the quality and healing time of the scars.

We carry out this intervention in Palma de Mallorca.

The price of the intervention is delivered after consulting with Dr. García Ceballos.

During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

If you travel or consult us from anywhere in Spain, UK or Europe you can request your telematic consultation via Skype.

It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in Plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to carry out this type of intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

The mentoplastiaconsists of modifying the shape of the chin. It can be reduced or increased.

As a general rule, chin augmentation is performed with fat grafting for small modifications of the chin.
Chin augmentation with a silicone implant allows you to increase the volume of the chin more reliably and in greater proportions.

The price of chin augmentation ranges between €1,200 and €3,500

It is the set of medical and surgical techniques used to modify the patient’s profile, among them we can consider rhinoplasty, mentoplasty, mandibular plasty, even cheek plasty.
Some of these techniques can be solved without going through the operating room, by using facial filler to increase volume.

Yes, it is possible to perform chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid. You should know that this procedure has an approximate volume effect duration between 3-6 months depending on the patient.

The intervention itself is not painful, as long as it is performed under an appropriate anesthetic technique.
The postoperative period passes with relative comfort. In any case, we always accompany the postoperative period of this intervention with simple analgesics for the treatment of discomfort.

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