Areolar reduction

Anesthesia Local/Sedation/General
Duration 1 hr.
Hospitalization Day case
Postoperative needs Sports bra
Results Immediately noticeable. Settles within 1 year
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Areolar reduction

The areola is the darker region of the breast that surrounds the nipple. In some circumstances, the areola of the breast may be larger than what the patient wishes.

This situation usually occurs in a very common way in the so-called tuberous or tubular breasts where the areola occupies most of the breast volume or in excessively large breasts. This condition can exist without any other underlying problem.

The size of the areola provides harmony to the breast and when this is excessively large the perception of the breast is distorted.

On occasions when the breast is small and the areola is large many times it may be enough to correct the areolar diameter to improve the relationship between the breast and the areola.

Treatment of an excessively large or perceived as the excessively large areola is surgical.

Sometimes the size of the areola must be increased by an excessive size of the mammary gland.


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Areolar reduction


In most cases it is solved by an areola reduction but there may be a case in which its solution passes through an increase in the volume of the breast.

The areolar correction operation can be performed in different contexts:

  • For example, within a breast reduction or within a breast correction; in these cases, its correction is carried out under general anesthesia.
  • On the other hand, the correction of the areolas can be performed independently in these cases, the procedure can be local without general anesthesia and procedures on an outpatient basis.

The procedure consists of removal of the skin around the areola and reinforcement in the form of a construction point to accommodate the larger diameter to the desired smaller diameter.

Our areola reduction surgery incorporates treatment for scars during the intervention using growth factors.
We also offer the possibility of applying a laser treatment to the scars of the areola reduction surgery one week and one month after the intervention.

The combination of these two treatments improves the quality and healing time of scars.

We carry out this intervention in Palma de Mallorca.

The price of the intervention is delivered after consulting with Dr. García Ceballos.

During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

If you travel or consult us from anywhere in Spain, UK or Europe you can request your telematic consultation via Skype.

It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in Plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to carry out this type of intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

The size of the areola is reduced through a surgical intervention that trims the diameter of the areola to the desired size. The intervention can be performed under local anesthesia.

The size of the areola can be increased solely and exclusively by means of an expansion of the mammary gland, that is, by introducing a volume inside it, and waiting enough time for both the breast and the areola to increase. This is not usually a common requirement.

The price of an areolar reduction can range between €1,500 and €3,500

The best trained specialist to perform an areolar reduction is the plastic surgeon.

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