Before giving the keys to an attractive female jawline, we will take a brief historical tour. Many creative minds, scientists, and experts in dentistry and facial surgery have tried to decipher the mysteries of facial beauty. From the classical and neoclassical proportions of the Renaissance to the famous “golden ratio“Attempts have been made to define what makes a face attractive. However, in the age of social media and changing beauty standards, these classic definitions have been subject to debate and questioning.

In the last decade, social media has given way to new beauty standards that have impacted a generation open to aesthetic procedures. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in videoconferencing, which has increased self-assessment and focus on alleged facial imperfections. This phenomenon, known as the “Zoom Boom” or ‘Zoom Effect’, has once again spurred interest in aesthetic facial treatments.

For plastic surgeons, achieving an attractive aesthetic result is based on their knowledge of contemporary beauty standards, patients’ ethnic characteristics, individual preferences, and clinical clinical experience. For example, jaw reduction is a popular procedure in East Asia, and specific aesthetic parameters have been established for this population.

Deciphering the Attractive Jawline

The objective of a recently published study was to determine the characteristics that make the jawline of a Caucasian woman’s jawline attractive by exploring three key dimensions.

An online survey featuring photographs of celebrities and ordinary people was used to conduct this research. The participants evaluated the attractiveness of these images using a Likert scale of 3 points and answered 6 specific questions. If 80% or more of the participants considered a model to have attractive aesthetic features, she was classified as attractive.

The Key Traits of the Attractive Jawline

The results revealed that several traits were critical for considering a jawline as attractive in Western Caucasian women:

  1. Gonial Angle in Profile: A gonial angle in profile of 125.5° was identified as an important feature.
  2. Gonial Angle in Anterior View: In the anterior view, a 142° gonial angle anterior view, gonial angle of 142° was also stood out as an attractive feature.
  3. Intergonial-Interzygomatic Width Ratio: A ratio of 0.83 between intergonial and interzygomatic widths was observed. the ratio of 0.83 between intergonial and inter-zygomatic width was observed to be an indicator of beauty.
  4. Vertical Position of the Jaw Angles: Vertical Position of the Jaw Angles: The vertical position of the mandibular angles, aligned with the aligned with the stomach or upper lip, was also considered attractive.


Guide for Surgeons

The results of this study provide surgeons with consensus criteria that they can use when designing jaw implants, planning orthognathic surgical strategies, or shaping the angle of the jaw using injectable treatments. injectable treatments. These findings provide a valuable resource for healthcare professionals. plastic and facial surgery and facial plastic surgery seeking to achieve outstanding aesthetic results in patients of Western Caucasian descent.


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