Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is performed to improve the appearance and function of the nose. Also known as a nose job, this procedure can address a number of aesthetic concerns, such as the size, shape and proportion of the nose in relation to the rest of the face. In addition, it can correct breathing problems caused by nasal septal deviations or other structural abnormalities.

At Mallorca Medical Group, we developed the ultrasonic rhinoplasty that uses advanced technology to achieve precise and natural results. Instead of using traditional methods, rhinoplasty that is ultrasonic employs a specialized device that uses ultrasonic waves to sculpt and reshape the bones and cartilage of the nose in a more precise and less invasive manner. This allows for greater preservation of the surrounding tissues and faster recovery.

After ultrasonic rhinoplasty, it is normal to experience some swelling and bruising, but these side effects usually disappear within a few weeks. Our team tries to provide detailed postoperative instructions to ensure that the patient has a successful and smooth recovery.

It is important to have a team of highly trained plastic surgeons with extensive experience in ultrasonic rhinoplasty who follow the patient through every step of the process, conducting an initial consultation to learn about their individual needs and expectations, and developing a personalized surgical plan that is tailored to the individual patient.

At Mallorca Medical Group, we care about the well-being and comfort of our patients. Our goal is to provide you with a positive and safe experience at all times. We pride ourselves in offering a welcoming and confidential environment for our patients, where you will feel comfortable and well cared for.

If you are considering ultrasonic rhinoplasty and wish to improve the appearance and function of your nose, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation with our team of experts. We will be happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you make an informed decision.

At Mallorca Medical Group, we are dedicated to providing the best results in ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Spain, so you can achieve the nose you desire.

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