The Facelift: A Journey Through Time

From the time when Cleopatra bathed her skin in milk to keep it smooth, to the present day where surgery and technology go hand in hand to offer us amazing facial rejuvenations, mankind has been obsessed with youth. But how did we get here? Let’s take a look at this incredible evolution.

Historically, beauty and rejuvenation have been the holy grail of aesthetics, as demonstrated by the explorer Ponce de Leon in the 15th century, who went in search of the mythical fountain of youth. However, although history is full of examples like these, the concept of rhytidectomy or surgical facelift is more recent than we might think.

“…fear of aging is not a modern problem…”

In fact, it was not until 1902 that we find the first scientific publications on wrinkle removal techniques. In 1912, the first articles with before and after photographs of facial surgeries appeared. These publications showed us that the fear of aging is not a modern problem: even back then, a woman in her 40s could feel pressured by wrinkles when looking for a job. Unbelievable, but true!

A major milestone for facial surgery came in 1976 with the description of the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System of the face). This muscular structure, located just below the skin of the face and neck, not only defines our expression but also supports the facial tissues. Imagine being able to adjust this “conveyor belt” of muscle to restore youthfulness to the face!

“…the SMAS…not only defines our expression but also supports facial tissues…”

After years of complicated surgeries and long recovery periods, in the late 1990s, science turned to less invasive techniques. In 2005, the MACS Lift or “Express Lift” was introduced, which revolutionized the field by reducing surgical time to just one hour and allowing it to be performed under local anesthesia, without the need for hospitalization. The best part? Less tissue damage and faster recovery.

Today, this technique is merged with fat injections or lipofilling and plasma growth factors, obtaining impressive natural results. It is as if we have found a small portion of the fountain of youth that Ponce de Leon sought so much. The dream of “eternal” youth is, now more than ever, within our reach.

So, if you have ever wondered about the facelift in Mallorca and its history, you now know that this journey back in time is backed by centuries of human desire and decades of scientific innovation.

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