Topical application of Tranexamic acid reduces swelling and bruising 🌟✨.

Topical application of tranexamic acid can help reduce swelling and bruising around the eyes in patients undergoing open rhinoplasty.

In one study, fifty patients were included in a study and divided into two groups: those who received topical tranexamic acid and those who did not (control group). In the tranexamic acid group, swabs soaked in tranexamic acid were placed under the skin flap so that both sides reached the osteotomy area and left for 5 minutes. In the control group, swabs soaked in isotonic saline were placed under the skin flap in the same manner and left for 5 minutes. Digital photographs were obtained on the first, third and seventh day after surgery.

It was observed that the use of topical tranexamic acid helps to significantly reduce swelling on the first day after surgery compared to those in whom it is not used.

This means that the application of tranexamic acid to the surgical site immediately after rhinoplasty osteotomy can be an effective tool to reduce the occurrence of bruising in the postoperative period. In addition, it can also help reduce swelling in the eyelids in the early stages of recovery.

Medical research continues to improve outcomes and comfort for our patients. This information can be valuable in providing a more positive experience for rhinoplasty patients.

It is always important to see a rhinoplasty plastic surgeon who can help you address your concerns if you are considering undergoing a cosmetic and functional procedure such as rhinoplasty. The use of ultrasonic rhinoplasty in conjunction with these new advances in rhinoplasty can help you achieve safe results.

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