Currently, breast augmentation breast augmentation has become one of the most popular plastic surgeries among women. This intervention, also known as augmentation mammoplastyoffers the possibility of modifying the size and shape of the breasts, allowing patients to achieve the desired results. The motivations for undergoing this surgery can be varied and range from aesthetic reasons to the desire to improve self-esteem.

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most demanded options nowadays, representing more than 40% of plastic surgery interventions in Spain, according to the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery(SECPRE).

1- Dissatisfaction with breast size

One of the most common reasons for seeking breast augmentation is dissatisfaction with breast size. dissatisfaction with breast size.. Women who feel their breasts are too small may opt for this surgery to achieve a more proportionate appearance and feel more confident with their body. In addition, some women experience noticeable differences in the size of their breasts, which can be successfully corrected through breast augmentation.

2- Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also have a significant impact on the appearance of the breasts. Many women notice a loss of volume and firmness after giving birth and breastfeeding. Breast augmentation can restore fullness and shape to the breasts, helping to restore body confidence.

3-Correction of deformities

Another reason to consider breast augmentation is the correction of congenital or acquired breast deformities. congenital or acquired breast deformities.. Some women are born with breast tissue malformations, while others may develop irregularities over time. This surgery can help improve the symmetry and overall appearance of the breasts.

4-To be well informed

It is important to emphasize that the decision to undergo breast augmentation should be a personal and well-informed one. be well informed. Patients should discuss their expectations and desires with an experienced plastic surgeon, who can guide them in choosing the best option for their individual needs.

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5-Options available

Breast augmentation usually involves the use of breast implants. These implants can be of different types, such as round implants or ergonomic implants, which can offer natural results. The choice of implant type will depend on the patient’s preferences and anatomy.

  • Own fat

In addition to implants, there is the option of breast augmentation using your own fat. using the patient’s own fat of the patient, in a procedure known as breast lipofilling. This alternative is ideal for those who wish to avoid implants and want natural results. Fat is removed from areas with excess adipose tissue, such as the abdomen, and injected into the breasts to increase their size.

6-Reliable plastic surgeon

When considering breast augmentation, it is essential to choose a plastic surgeon you trust. plastic surgeon you trust and a clinic with experience in this surgery. Safety and quality of care are paramount. In addition, it is important to evaluate the cost of the breast operation and if financing options are available.

7-The process of breast augmentation surgery

The breast augmentation surgery process involves making incisions to insert the implants or fat, and the choice of access route such as periareolar, submammary or axillary, which will depend on the patient’s anatomy. Subsequently, the incisions are closed and a compressive bandage is applied over the breasts.

8-Breast augmentation postoperative period

The postoperative period after breast augmentation requires recovery time. Patients may experience discomfort, swelling and restrictions in physical activity during the first few weeks after surgery. It is essential to follow the surgeon’s recommendations to ensure a successful recovery.

Breast augmentation in Mallorca is a popular option that can improve the appearance of the breasts and the self-esteem of patients. The choice between breast implants and breast lipofilling will depend on personal preference. The selection of an experienced surgeon and the evaluation of costs are essential steps in this process.