Over time, many factors can influence the shape and appearance of a woman’s breasts. Life, with its varied experiences, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant weight loss and simply aging, can lead to a loss of firmness and elasticity in the breast tissue can make you a candidate for a mastopexy.

At Mallorca Medical Group (MMG), we are pleased to report that there is an effective solution to these changes: breast lift surgery or mastopexy. You may ask; what is a mastopexy? This procedure focuses on restoring the breasts to their youthful, firm appearance by removing excess tissue and repositioning the nipples in a more elevated position. In addition, for those women who desire more volume, mastopexy can be complemented with breast implants.

Is Mastopexy right for you?

Mastopexy is ideal for women who wish to rejuvenate and reshape the appearance of their breasts. It is especially suitable for those who have no plans for future pregnancies and have reached a stable weight. Before undergoing the procedure, it is essential to be in good general health and to refrain from smoking. If you are considering this surgery, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our team here to address any questions or concerns.

Mastopexy Techniques

Dr. Garcia Ceballos of MMG uses various techniques according to the individual needs of each patient:

Circumareolar technique in the shape of a “donut”: Ideal for subtle lifts.
– Lollipop” vertical circumferential technique: Suitable for more significant lifting.
Anchor scar” or “inverted T” technique: Used for cases requiring more skin resection and nipple realignment.

During the consultation, Dr. Garcia Ceballos will provide you with a detailed explanation of the techniques, adapting them to your aesthetic goals.

How is the recovery after Mastopexy?

After the procedure, most patients can resume light activities and some exercise in about two weeks. For more intense activities, it is recommended to wait four to six weeks. In addition, it is advisable to take at least one week off from work to ensure adequate recovery. You can read more details on this page of the mallorca medical group website dedicated to breast lift.

Although postoperative scars are generally inconspicuous, at MMG, we recommend topical therapies, such as silicone tapes and LASER, to further enhance healing.

At Mallorca Medical Group, we strive to offer you the best care and results from the hand of Dr. Garcia Ceballos, a recognized specialist in plastic surgery. We invite you to learn more about him and his career. We hope to see you soon! Request your appointment here.