Over the years, opinions about the placement of breast implants in a breast breast surgery have varied enormously. The criteria taught to surgeons have been changing with each decade. Currently, there is a consensus that the decision on whether to place the breast implant above or below the pectoralis muscle depends on the individual patient.


When the cosmetic surgeon places the implant behind the muscle, it covers the upper part up to two-thirds of the implant, facilitating a smoother transition from the breast to the breast, and contributing to a better concealment of the implant. However, this method is not suitable for everyone. Aspects such as body type, amount of existing breast tissue, and desired outcome should be considered to determine the best implant position. The following are some guidelines that could be used as a reference in a breast augmentation.


Below you can see a video where Dr Garcia CEballos explains how the breasts behave according to their shape and the plane in which breast prostheses are implanted.



If you have a small amount of breast tissue:

You may prefer placement behind the muscle, as a position anterior to the muscle will not provide enough breast tissue to cover the implant, making the roundness of the implant more visible. The ideal is to have half or two-thirds of the implant covered by muscle, which facilitates a more natural appearance in the operated breasts.


If you have a moderate amount of breast tissue.:

In cases where there is approximately 2 cm or more of breast tissue (the surgeon will indicate the exact amount), there are real choices between placement above or below the muscle. This is where other criteria, such as the exercise routine, come into play in a augmentation mammoplasty. Implants located behind the muscle can be displaced by exercises involving the chest muscles, although there are modern surgical techniques that can minimize this effect. In addition, it does not appear that placement of the implant in front of the muscle presents a higher risk of capsular contracture was previously thought, of as a condition where the scar tissue surrounding the implant contracts and stiffens, affecting the shape and feel of the breast after breast breast operation.


If you have a little breast tissue and your breasts are “sagging” or “flabby”.“:

In this situation, opinions may vary and depend largely on individual anatomy. Some surgeons prefer to place the implant above the muscle, especially when the breast tissue and glands have descended into the abdomen, while the pectoral muscles remain in their original place. Place a implant behind the pectoralis muscle in such cases may result in an adequate initial result but with a high risk of double breast deformity soon after surgery. On the contrary, placing a breast prosthesis in front of or on top of the muscle could give a more natural looking breast, i.e. without deformities, although somewhat more sagging. This condition should be discussed at length with the surgeon.


Making the Important Decision Together with the Best Plastic Surgeons in Spain

If you are considering a breast augmentation or revision, a crucial decision you’ll need to make with your surgeon is whether to place the new breast implants. breast implants above or below the pectoralis muscle. This choice is vital for several reasons, and in order to help you make an informed decision, the Dr. Garcia Ceballosa board board-certified plastic surgeonDr. Garcia Ceballos, a board-certified plastic surgeon, explains the differences between breast implant breast implant in this post about breast surgery.


Comparison of Breast Implant Placement Options

The position of the breast implant is fundamental to obtaining the best aesthetic results and preventing problems such as capsular contracture and implant rippling in breast surgery. breast surgery. During the breast operation, breast implants, the implants They are placed either under the breast tissue but over the pectoralis muscles, or under the breast tissue and partially under the pectoralis major muscle. Both locations can produce satisfactory results; however, each has its pros and cons, so your surgeon will evaluate your unique body type to determine which implant position is best for you.

Placement of the Implant above the Muscle

Subglandular or “above the muscle” placement involves placing the breast implant in the breast implant over the patient’s muscles, but under her skin, fat and glandular tissue.


Advantages of subglandular placement of breast prostheses:

– Recovery is usually easier than with submuscular placement in a “boob job. boob job” as it isas it is commonly known.

– The pectoral muscles are not affected, preventing distortion of the implants during muscle movements in a breast augmentation. breast augmentation.

– A breast breast augmentation more noticeable is possible because the implants are closer to the surface of the skin.


Disadvantages of sub-glandular placement of breast prostheses:

– Increased risk of rippling of the implant, especially if you have little breast tissue in an operated breasts.


Under-the-Muscle Implant Placement

Submuscular or “under-the-muscle” placement involves placing the breast implant breast implant under the pectoral muscles.

Advantages of submuscular placement of breast prostheses:

Reduced risk of implant rippling, as the muscles provide additional coverage in a breast augmentation. breast augmentation.

Implants feel more natural and integrate better with the existing breast tissue in a breast surgery breast surgery.

Disadvantages of submuscular placement of breast implants:

Recovery can be more difficult and painful due to the muscle manipulation during surgery in a breast operation. breast operation.

Implants can move or distort during muscle movements, especially if you do exercises that involve the pectoral muscles in a fat breast augmentation.


Ultimately, the decision about implant placement should be the result of a collaborative discussion between you and your surgeon at a breast surgery price. It is important that you feel comfortable with your surgeon and trust his or her judgment and expertise in breast augmentation.

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