Weight and volume of breast implants

Dr. García Ceballos is a plastic surgeon in Palma de Mallorca. On this occasion, he wants to talk about a question that frequently arises during breast surgery consultations: whether the weight of breast prostheses is equivalent to the volume. It will then explain whether weight and volume can be equated.

The content of the breast prosthesis determines the type of volume and weight that each one has, and there are three types of content: saline solution, liquid silicone gel and cohesive silicone, which is the most commonly used. The density of the contents of these implants, known as volumetric mass, is described in three very similar, although not exactly equal, figures. The density of saline solution is 1.008 g/cm³, that of cohesive silicone is 0.97 g/cm³ and that of liquid silicone varies between 0.95 and 1.05 g/cm³. These values are very close to the density of water.

If an imaginary calculation is made on a 100 cm³ prosthesis, the density formula can be applied to find the mass, since the other two variables are known: the volume (100 cm³) and the density for each type of prosthesis. The results show that for saline prostheses, the mass would be practically equivalent to the volume, i.e., 100 g would be equivalent to 100 cm³. For cohesive silicone prostheses, these 100 cm³ would be equivalent to 97 g, and for non-cohesive liquid silicone, these 100 cm³ would be equivalent to 95 g. It is observed that the weight values are very close to those of the volume, with a small variation that becomes more evident as the volumes increase, especially for those density figures that are further away from 1.

In general, in silicone prostheses, as the volume increases, the weight tends to decrease, while in saline prostheses the opposite occurs: as the volume increases, the weight also increases. In summary, it can be said that, roughly speaking, the weight and volume of breast prostheses can be equated.

Dr. Garcia Ceballos hopes this explanation is helpful. If you have any questions or need more information about your implant, your breast prosthesis or wish to increase the volume of your breasts, do not hesitate to contact him.