In the world of aesthetic medicineBy keeping up to date with the latest technologies, it is crucial to achieve optimal results. It is this commitment to state-of-the-art methods that has led to the growing interest in combining ablative treatments with laser fractionated CO2 laser with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This combination aims to enhance the benefits of both treatments, addressing skin problems more effectively. As an integral part of the treatments offered by the trusted plastic surgery clinics in Spain in Spain, it is worthwhile to explore this merger in detail.


What is fractional CO2 laser and PRP?

Fractional CO2 laser

The laser fractional CO2 ablative ablative CO2 laser is a well-established treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine and is commonly used for skin rejuvenation. The technology involves the use of a CO2 laser to remove the outer layers of damaged skin, promoting the natural growth of new, healthy skin.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma)

The PRP is an autologous preparation consisting of a high concentration of platelets in plasma. This form of therapy has gained ground for its ability to accelerate healing and stimulate collagen production. PRP has been used effectively in a variety of treatments, from aesthetic enhancements to medical therapies for wound healing.

The rationale for the combination

The combination of these two treatments can produce exceptional results. The fractional CO2 ablative laser produces micro-injuries in the skin, which serve as entry points for the PRP. This improves the absorption and efficacy of PRP, allowing more efficient delivery of growth factors and other bioactive substances to the skin layers.


Improved healing: PRP growth factors PRP accelerate the recovery process after treatment with fractionated fractionated CO2 laser treatment.

Increased collagen production: Both treatments are known to stimulate collagen, but their combined effect can boost this production.

Improved skin quality: by addressing issues such as fine lines, wrinkles and scars, this combination can dramatically improve overall skin texture and tone.

Clinical outcomes and patient experience

Data show that patients who opt for this combined treatment often experience superior results compared to those who undergo either treatment individually. The price of PRP laser in Mallorca and elsewhere may vary depending on several factors, but the return on investment is significant given the results.


Is laser and PRP for me?

This combination therapy is generally ideal for people seeking more dramatic rejuvenation effects. A plastic surgery consultation in Mallorca can help identify suitable candidates for this advanced treatment modality.


Combined Treatment of Atrophic Acne Scars

According to the available studies in the field of atrophic acne scars, there is evidence of level 1 which suggests that PRP in conjunction with fractional CO2 ablative laser treatment can improve the overall clinical response and the quality of the scars obtained. In addition, it may decrease the duration of laser-related side effects, including erythema and the duration of edema. It has been shown that there is no statistically significant difference between intradermal and topical application of PRP after fractional CO2 laser treatment in terms of efficacy.


PRP in the treatment of scars

There is weak evidence (level 4) for the inclusion of PRP in the management of keloid scars using surgery and radiotherapy. For surgical scars, there is level 1 evidence suggesting that autologous platelet preparations can improve wound healing and scar quality at eight weeks, as well as mediate a reduction in postoperative pain after cesarean section.

Resurfacing of traumatic scars

The addition of PRP in fat grafting procedures combined with fractional laser fractional laser non-ablative 1540 nm appears to contribute to better wound healing compared to isolated modalities. Studies also indicate significant improvement in the texture, color and contours of scars at a six-month follow-up.

Ultimately the combination of ablative fractional CO2 laser or non-ablative fractional laser (erbium-Erb glass) and PRP sets a new standard in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in Mallorca, offering accelerated healing and improved cosmetic results. This synergistic approach, increasingly popular among Spain’s top plastic surgeons, offers an opportunity for both practitioners and patients to achieve optimal results.

We hope that this publication will provide you with valuable information on the dynamic potential of the combination of fractional CO2 laser in Mallorca and PRP, a significant advance in the ever-evolving field of aesthetic medicine.

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